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We show you the best that the charming city of Haarlem has to offer. Our Free walking tour is given by Dutch guides who love their hometown!

In this Free walking tour of Haarlem we explore the city. We do not only explain the history of Tulips, Frans hals and a lot more, but also Haarlem today. Where to go and what places we like to go our selfs.

Haarlem is a perfect for a walking tour as the centre is almost Free from cars. And you can really feel the history of 17th century Haarlem.

Our Guides


Haarlem people know it also as litlle Amsterdam. It  is one of my favorite Dutch cities! No to far from the sea where I like to kitesurf myself, this and lot of other things make Haarlem a really pleassant city to life and to visit.

With Free Walking Tour Haarlem,  We make a walk in the old part of town, but it is not only history and culture, also stupid jokes and some crazy urban myths that make the tour fun and entertaining. Haarlem is great for a Free walking tour because the city centre is almost totaly car free, and that makes it perfect relaxed and safe!

So come and join us on the Free walking tour of Haarlem, where we tell all about this great small city.


Since I was a little kid, I liked to visit Haarlem. The beautiful architecture starts at the moment you arrive, with Haarlem Central train station. Or no, even before that. From within the train, you see the big old beautiful dome. My eyes grew big when my grandpa told me that it was a prison! The building had a different purpose now, for a very good reason… A lack of prisoners!

The Teyler’s museum and the Frans Hals museum are two must-dos for visitors who come for a day.

But one of the best things about this city is the beautiful nature around. Riding my bike next to the dunes and through the fields is the perfect way to make my head empty after a busy day of guiding. Might be worth it if you stay multiple days and are not afraid of potentially bad weather 😉


Haarlem is my favorite city, not too far from the beach and not as big as Amsterdam! This is the perfect middle city where you want to live. And I am happy to be your guide in my town!

On the tour I will explain why Haarlem never gave up to the Spanish, what happened on an auction of tulips in 1637 and of course where you can get the best beer at the Jopen church a must do when visiting Haarlem.

So you are more as welcome to join me on the Free walking tour Haarlem, where I will explain why this city is the one I love the most in the world!

See you soon on the Free walking tour Haarlem

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During this 2 hour tour, we cover

Windmill “De Adriaan”

This piece of iconic Dutch architecture can’t be missed in Haarlem. Do you know about all the different functions and uses of windmills?

Frans Hals

The famous painter from Haarlem He is known for his loose brush style of painting, and he helped introduce this lively style of painting into Dutch art in the golden age!


Naturally,the tulip is more than just a flower for this region. This beautiful flower is intertwined with the history of the Dutch Golden Age. On the tour, you might learn some new and strange similarities between tulips and bitcoins that you would never have thought of. 

Grote Markt

Haarlem’s cultural hub! Everybody goes to the Grote Markt for some dining and wining. The old, beautiful buildings on this square just breathe history and “gezelligheid”. So, wanna have a beer afterward? 

Although always in the shadow of its big, cosmopolitan brother, Haarlem is perhaps more authentically “Hollands” than Amsterdam. Here too there are canals, windmills and big narrow houses from the 17th century with huge windows, but without the overwhelming mass tourism and crowdedness. As Haarlem is way smaller and cooler due to its closeness to the sea, it is a very attractive city to visit. Come for a few hours on your way to the beach, or feel like you are walking through 17th century Holland for a whole day!

On our two-hour tour, we tell you both about the city’s history as well as how locals experience Haarlem today. We aim to give you a glimpse of Haarlem life in Holland’s Golden Age (17th century), when Haarlem was a busy city with a thriving industrious economy and a vibrant cultural and artistic scene, with Frans Hals as its most famous painter. Textile manufacturing, printing press, and of course tulip production were among the most booming industries of this city. The Dutch waterways connected other Dutch trading cities with Haarlem’s canals, which are still easy on the eyes today.

But the tour is also relaxed and easy to follow, as our guides like to give the tour their own touch with personal stories and urban myths. Don’t forget to ask them about the best place to get dinner or a drink, impressive museums or other must-see’s that this beautiful city has to offer. Book here and enjoy your walk!


Free walking tour Haarlem
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“What customers say about this company”

We have done a private tour in Haarlem, great guide nice tour. You realy get to know the city better when you explore it by foot! You see more a specially because it is all pretty small.

Would absolutely recommend to book a tour when you arrive in Haarlem.

Steve Houghton

Haarlem is a great smaller place and with the perfect for a walking tour. The city center is almost without cars so really relaxed to walk around.

The tour is great as everything is within walking distance! Strongly recomend to book a tour!

Famke Groenland

Little Amsterdam is what Haarlem is also called! I like it so much because of the hidden gems that are hidden every where. A guide for that is great, otherwise you won’t notice. I also like the story of the invention of the book writer!

Do this tour and let yourself be amazed by this wonderfull city Haarlem

Dennis Ansing

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