Everything you need to know about Free Walking Tour Rotterdam’s operations.

What can we expect to see during the Free Tour?

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During the Free Tour of Haarlem, you can expect to see a variety of interesting sights and landmarks that are unique to the city. While each guide has its own personal stories and perspective to share, there are several key highlights that you are likely to experience during the tour. One of the first stops [...]

Can people in wheelchairs go on the tour route?

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Yes, it is possible for people in wheelchairs to go on the tour route. While some areas of the tour route may have stairs, it is usually possible to find alternative routes that allow you to visit the same sites without encountering stairs. However, please note that some of the smaller stone roads on the [...]

Do you take any breaks during the tour?

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The walking tour lasts around 2 hours, so we typically do not take any breaks during the tour. However, if someone in the group needs to use the restroom, we are happy to make a quick stop for that. It's important to note that we do not stop for food or drinks during the tour, [...]

Can a lot of people go on the tour or is there a limit?

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At Free Walking Tour Haarlem, we believe that smaller groups make for a better tour experience. That's why we like to keep our groups small and intimate. While we don't have a strict maximum number of people allowed on our tours, we do limit the number of spots available to ensure that our groups stay [...]

What is The Free Tour system?

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"Free Walking Tours" are tours that do not have a fixed price and are based on a donation system. At the end of the tour, participants are invited to give the guide a donation, based on how much they enjoyed the tour and what they feel it was worth. This means that you have the [...]

So how do you guys make money?

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The free walking tour that we offer is unique in that the only source of income for our guides is through tips that they receive from our guests. We do not receive any sponsorship from the city or any other organization, which means that we are completely reliant on the generosity of our guests. We [...]

How long will we be walking for?

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During our walking tour, we will be covering a distance of a little over 3 kilometers, which is roughly equivalent to about 2 miles. This distance is measured from the starting point of the tour to the end point where the tour concludes. The exact distance covered during the tour may vary depending on the [...]

Can I leave before the tour ends?

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Absolutely! If for any reason you need to leave the tour before it is finished, that is not a problem. Our free walking tour is designed to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of our guests. You are free to join and leave the tour at any time. However, we do kindly ask that [...]

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