Karima’s personal recommendations for Haarlem

Hi, my name is Karima and i would love to show you around in the beautiful and historical city of Haarlem. I’m easygoing, optimistic and I like meeting new people from all over the world. Looking forward to showing you around! You can click on the bold text to get to the Google Maps location of the establishment.

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Dutch Snacks & Sweets
Coffeeshops (no coffee, weed!)
Special tips from Karima


Chez Bastijan
A very nice restaurant with delicious European and Dutch cuisine. They have gluten free options as well. Visit website

Rubens Burger
For a tasty burger and some nice fries you go to Rubens Burger. Delicious chicken, vegan or beef burgers. Visit website

Toko Nur
Amazing authentic Indonesian cuisine. The food is declicious! If You want something different then a sandwich, this is the place i would recommend. It’s very tiny and they don’t have a lot of seats but they offer take away as well. Visit website



One to visit! This beautiful spot gives you a nice view over Haarlem. Its on the roof of parkinggarage “De Kamp” in the centre of Haarlem. They have a nice lunch and drinks menu. A perfect place for a couple of drinks with a beautiful sunset. Visit website

De Waag (The Weighthouse)
Tasty food and nice beers for a decent price. You have a beautiful view of the Spaarne. Visit website



Ice Cream Parlour Garrone
The most famous ice cream shop of Haarlem. They started in 1949, so they know what they are doing! Very tasty traditional Italian ice cream.

Chocolaterie Pierre
One word: Delicious! Here you will find everything that has to do with chocolate. Hand made bonbons, chocolate letters and chocolate ice cream (also other flavours). Visit website



The Dutch brewery from Haarlem located in an old church. Definitely one you should visit! A big diversity of craft beers on tap and also a nice ambiance. Visit website

This wine bar has a modern interior, its cozy. Good quality wines and great atmosphere. Visit website

Uiltje Bar
Also a Dutch brewery from Haarlem, started in 2012. A nice and small beer bar in the city centre. They also serve wine, if you don’t like beer :). Would recommend to go there sometime. Visit website



De Patronaat
Haarlem’s pop temple. Do check their schedule on https://patronaat.nl to see when there’s a show that suits your flavor.

De Filmschuur
For international arthouse films.

De Lichtfabriek
Club/event venue, situated in an old factory building. Go here and find out why the Netherlands is famous for its parties in old warehouses.

Cafe Stiels
Live music bar. Usually the program is Rock & Blues orientated. Has a large smoking area from where you can still see the band.



Van Der Pigge
A very old drugstore situated in a beautiful old building which has had the same interior since 1849. The locals are familiar that this is the place to go for all kinds of herbs and natural medicines. They also have skincare products and old Dutch candy. Visit website

A nice and clean vintage store where you find good quality clothes for a nice price. Visit website
The shop is famous about the good quality and soft colors. Visit website


COFFEESHOPS (no coffee, marijuana!)

Be careful where you buy your herb! Many coffee shops will scam you. Take a tip!

Coffeeshop Maximillian
They advise customers well and are very friendly. Visit website



Teylers Museum
A nice museum where you find a lot of history of science and art. I highly recommend it for every age. Visit website

Corrie Ten Boom Huis
This is the place where you find the history of the “Ten Boom” Family. It’s one that you should have seen. The entrance is free, you just have to make a reservation on their website. Visit website

Windmill ‘De Adriaan’
When you come to Haarlem you can’t leave without having seen the windmill called ‘Adriaan’. It is in the city centre along the river Spaarne. Here you can learn about it’s history and up in the windmill you have a nice view of the city. Visit website

Archaeological Museum Haarlem
This is a nice small museum at the “Grote Markt”. This building used to be the meat market. In this museum they display al kinds of archeological findings from the city. Visit website



Haarlemmerhout (De Hout)
The Haarlemmerhout is the oldest public park in the Netherlands. A nice park with historical tree’s and a nice tea house where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea or lunch. They also have a nice petting zoo for children. Visit website

Kenau Park
This park is in the centre of Haarlem and only 5 minutes from the train station. It’s surround by water (de Leidsevaart) and beautiful old mansions.



Take A Canal Cruise
It’s a very nice view from the water and a relaxed way to see the city. Find them around the city canals and book on the spot.

Koepel Kathedraal
This is the dome cathedral, known as the cathedral basilic Sint. Bavo. a beautiful church and defintly one to visit. Visit website