Free Anne Frank Tour

Embark on the Free Anne Frank Tour in Amsterdam and step back in time to one of the most poignant chapters in world history. This tour is designed to provide a deep and sensitive understanding of Anne Frank’s life and the World War II era in Amsterdam.

Guided by our dedicated and informed local guides, the Free Anne Frank Tour transports you through the key locations of Anne’s life and the broader context of war-time Amsterdam. Explore the city’s historic Jewish Quarter, the exterior of the Anne Frank House, and other significant landmarks, as you gain insight into the courage, tragedy, and resilience that mark this period.

The Free Anne Frank Tour

Uncover the profound legacy of Anne Frank as you traverse the city’s intricate network of canals and cobblestone streets. Learn about the circumstances leading up to the Franks’ hiding, their life in the Secret Annex, and the impact Anne’s diary has had globally.

To reserve your place on the Free Anne Frank Tour of Amsterdam, please visit our website. Our schedule includes a variety of tour times to accommodate your availability.

The Free Anna Frank Tour

Why Choose This Tour?

This tour offers an insightful experience, taking you through Anne Frank’s life and the turbulent times she lived in.

Our journey begins at the Prinsengracht, the canal where the renowned Anne Frank House stands. Here, you’ll hear compelling stories about Anne Frank, her family, and their life in hiding. Our knowledgeable local guides will walk you through the historical events that led to World War II, the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, and the hardships endured by the Jewish community during this dark era.

While the tour doesn’t include entry to the Anne Frank House, it deeply explores the surrounding neighborhood and the locations that played a significant part in Anne’s life and writings. You’ll pass by the old Jewish Quarter, where her former school is located, and the Westerkerk, the church whose bells Anne wrote about in her diary.

But this tour is not just about the past; it’s about remembering and learning from history. We delve into the impact Anne Frank’s story has had on the world, discussing her incredible legacy that continues to inspire millions around the globe.

To guarantee your spot on the Free Anne Frank Tour, please visit our website. Check out our calendar, which has a selection of tour times designed to fit into a wide range of schedules.

Please note that as our tours operate on a ‘pay-what-you-feel’ basis, you are free to decide at the end of the tour how much the experience was worth to you. This ensures we’re committed to delivering the most engaging and worthwhile tour possible.

To guarantee your reservation, we charge €1,89 per attendee as a booking fee.

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