Meet our Haarlem guides!

Some of us are born and raised in Haarlem, others are born elsewhere in the Netherlands. After years of living and guiding in the city, we all now truly feel as experienced guides who can show you the city as a real Haarlemmer.

City Guide

Born and raised in this country, I’m happy to show you around in one of the most charming cities of Holland! Learning and working abroad for my Hospitality & Business studies, I was so proud where I’m from that I started doing Guided Tours!


Guide & World Traveler

Born and raised in Haarlem, I am a “Haarlems mug”. I am interested in history and especially the history of Haarlem. This city has so much to offer and I can’t wait to show you and tell you what kind of beauty and
lovely places Haarlem has. Beautiful ancient buildings, heroic stories and of course tips for food and leisure.


Tour Guide

Here are my Haarlem recommendations!


Guide & World Traveler

My name is Sven and I’ve been living in Haarlem for the last 20 years. I love showing you the most beautiful parts of this open-air museum and tell you the stories I know. The history of the city, do’s and don’ts among the Dutch and insider tips for restaurants and bars.


City Guide

Since I was a little kid, I loved visiting Haarlem. The beautiful architecture catches your eye from the moment you arrive at Haarlem Central train station. The Teyler’s museum and the Frans Hals museum are two must-dos for visitors who come for a day, but one of the best things about this city is the beautiful nature around.


Guide & World Traveler

Haarlem is hands down my favorite city, not too far from the beach and not as big as Amsterdam! Being the perfectly located city to live in, I am happy to show you around my beloved town! During the tour, I will explain why Haarlem never gave in to the Spanish, what historical event happened during a tulip auction in 1637 and where you can get the best beer around town. Join me on the Free Walking Tour Haarlem and I will tell you why this city is the one I love the most in the world!